Roundup Weedkiller Debate: Local Schools, City Go Pesticide-Free Over Safety Concerns

Sometimes all we do is have to ask for people to change, and sometimes it’s not that easy! When it comes to the safety for our kids, we have to keep trying. This is what I’ve learned.

I asked Channel 19 to do a story on the dangers of Roundup, and specifically how toxic pesticides are used everywhere from our schools, parks, sidewalks, and cities. Here is the Channel 19 story and clip. The more awareness we create, the more moms that will get loud, and we will see more positive!

Natural, safe and effective alternatives to Roundup are on a previous blog found here. What GMO’s are and why you should avoid them found here.

Sign our local petition to get our schools, parks, and local cities to stop using toxic pesticides & herbicides.