The BEST Air Filter for Your Home

Sometimes we take the basics for granted. Like air! According to the EPA, our indoor environment is 2-5 (and 500x has even been noted) times more toxic than our outdoor environment and on average we (Americans) spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors! Yikes!!! Thats a lot of times indoors.

We recently purchased TWO Air Doctors! One Air Doctor can clean the air up to 2,400 sq feet. We are moving into a new home, which are culprits for being a lot more polluted than an already built home and I want to cover our bases by having two of these Air Doctors.

Indoor Pollutants

Since we spend more time in our houses in the winter, our homes are even more toxic than in the summer. Some indoor pollutants include gases from cooking and heating, chemicals from candles, wall flowers & incense, household cleansers, paints, mold and mildew, furniture and a host of toxins from building materials.

The health effects of indoor air pollution are often attributed to colds and flu but they can build into more serious health concerns like asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and Legionnaire’s disease.

Researchers have found that childhood diagnoses of allergies, autism, Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndrome are linked to indoor pollutants such as dust, phthalates, PVC flooring and secondhand smoke. Phthalate exposure early in development has specifically been linked to autistic spectrum disorders. Check out a previous blog I wrote on “How Chemicals Are Lurking in Furniture Effect Our Children & What We Can Do About It”.

This information should not scare you, but empower you to take a look at what is in your home and reduce the toxins, and also purchase an air-filter like Air Doctor that we have.

Air Doctor

The Air Doctor is 100x more effective than ordinary purifiers. It removes pollen, dust, pet dander, VOC’s, mold spores and smoke combined with ozone, mold, dust, invisible gases and volatile organic compounds which are emitted by building materials, furniture, carpeting, paint, cleaning and personal care products.

Indoor pollution can cause a variety of symptoms that can negatively impact your health for your whole family. Purchase your Air Doctor here to assure you have clean air inside your home ! :)


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