Tips To Keep Your Whole Family Healthy During the Winter Months

It can be easy to want to cozy up on your couch and hibernate during the winter months! We have weather limitations to getting outside and it’s a legitimate reason to keep us inside, warm and sedentary. You just don’t want to get into the habit of it and become a couch potato! During the winter months, we like to do things to stay active.

This blog is sponsored by Heinens local grocery store. All thoughts and tips are my own :)

Top Tips to Staying Active During the Winter Months:

1.Find a workout buddy. Even gym sharks may need a workout buddy during the winter. With the lack of vitamin D from the sunshine, and gloomy days, it is hard to find motivations sometimes to getting to the gym. Having a workout buddy keeps both of you accountable.

2. The best workout is the one that works for you. What you neighbor or friend is doing may not be right for you. We are all in different seasons of life, different careers, and family dynamics. As my season of motherhood changes, so do my workouts. My favorite workouts are Barre and Yoga. However, I’m currently signed up at the gym, so I can put my kid(s) in the child care. If you are self-motivated, YouTube has a variety of free workouts fit for anyones needs! You have to figure out what works into your lifestyle and season of life :)

3. Mark you calendar. It can be hard to just ‘wing it’. Fill out your calendar for the month, and mark down when you are going to workout. This can be super helpful in any area of you life that you want to fit into your busy lifestyle. If you want to have a lunch date with friends, mark it down! Sometimes we are busier in our heads, than we actually are. Following a schedule is very helpful!

4. Join in on your kids fun. Our kids LOVE to ice skate and even roller skate! This is not something we usually do in the summertime, so it’s perfect for the winter. Kids think it’s so fun when you partake in their fun too! If you are physically able to lace up some skates, get out there with your kiddos! It’s a blast! We also like to try outdoor ice skating. Christmas lights, fresh air, ice skating and hot cocoa (all while getting some movement in) is a great idea to do in the winter!

5. Mall walking (or Target!). I hope I’m not the only Mom that walks into Target, and gets the same feelings of Christmas morning! There is something about Target, that is a big stress reliever! Coffee, lots of walking, and stocking up on household items (that you probably don’t need) is a good idea in the winter! To prevent you from getting too distracted on your laps around the store, maybe leave your wallet behind :) Outdoor malls are the best! Even though it’s chilly outside, it’s nice to get fresh air while getting some laps in.

6. Dance parties. Winter or not, you will find me doing at least once dance party a day with my kids. Thank goodness for Alexa. I think I may have been a professional dancer & singer in another lifetime because I cannot NOT dance! This is a great way to stay active and keep your kids active too. I also like to get my boys moving, so hopefully when school dances come, they will be confidence enough to bust out some moves :)

7. Do the little things. We recently stayed in a hotel for the snow days our kids had. This was an awesome idea, so the kids could swim and get their wiggles out! When we’d go to our room, we opted for the stairs instead of the elevator. This is something small, but it makes a big impact when you do a lot of little things. Park far away at stores to get in extra steps. Do 5 minutes of a small workout in the morning or evening. GET OUT ANY CHANCE YOU CAN GET. If it is a ‘nice’ day in the winter (above freezing), take the opportunity to get outside, even if it’s for only 15-20 minutes for some fresh air and tell the kids too!