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I absolutely love learning from other Mamas! Today, Healthy Mom Project featured Tamsin Astor, PhD (Chief Habit Scientist + Coach + Speaker + Author) at The Balanced Living Center.  Tamsin has 3 kids & resides in the Cleveland area. After one of her kids was diagnosed with cancer and one with ADD, she felt (needless to say) highly overwhelmed with life. She found Ayurveda medicine and took the Ayurveda approach to manage her life. We took in a lot of valuable info from Tamsin in such a short amount of time.

Tamsin emphasized stress, both physical and emotional, & the impact it has on us. "The correlation between stressful life events and psychiatric illness is stronger than the correlation with medical or physical illness". I found this to be pretty profound. 

We make 35,000 decisions every day! This is why (especially us Moms) get decision fatigue. If we can create schedules, we can create freedom for ourselves. Creating schedules and sticking to them is key to reducing our stress. Saying no to not-so important things and saying yes to whats important will reduce stress. Often times we over commit to things that actually aren't that important. As moms we have to think of ourselves as lighthouses. And we need to be shining bright! Here are the highlights from the HMP event today;


The day is broken up into 3 different cycles according to Ayurveda. Kapha (water + earth) is from 6am/pm - 10am/pm | Pitta (fire + water) is from 10am/pm - 2 am/pm | Vata (air +wind) is from 2am/pm - 6am/pm.

Create habits & routines the night before like packing the kids lunches, your lunch, & establish a bedtime routine. Most important, go to bed by 10 pm. Pitta is the fire stage and your body should be busy eliminating toxins & restoring the body from 10pm-2am (not digesting a huge bowl of ice cream you ate at 9 pm!). Not eating after 6-7 pm is vital. Contrary to what we may have read or been told, dinner should actually be a small-medium size meal. Breakfast should be a light meal & lunch should be your biggest meal of the day! 


As hard as this may sound, rising before dawn is very significant in the Ayurveda approach. Rising before dawn means you are in the Vata state, and waking up is easier than waking up later in the Kapha stage. Interesting! You are actually more tired if you sleep past dawn, versus waking up before dawn. Most importantly, this gives you YOU time. You are starting your day on your terms, not theirs! This should resonate with all the Moms out there. We are on our kids terms ALL the time. Waking up before them means giving yourself time to do what makes you feel good so you can conquer your day & engage in the world with a smile on your face :)  


This doesn't have to be too complicated. Decide on a few large dishes to make to get ready for your week. Again, this reduces the amount of decisions you are going to make during the week and also keeps you (and your family) eating healthier because it's already prepared for you. Tamsin's ideas were to prep veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds for snacks.  Make a few bulk items like veggie lasagna, 3-bean chili, soup, bake a tray of root veggies & make mason jar salads for  your lunch.


Tamsin Astor is the author of The Healthy S.E.X Habit (Get on top of your life by managing your sleeping, eating & exercising).  Tamsin is a spunky, high-energy Mom that loves to help people organize themselves so they have time for what they need & want. Check out her page if you'd like to work with her;

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