Natural Remedy For Ear Infections

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines on how to treat ear infections in 2013. Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, who helped write the new guidelines, says that 70% of ear infections go away within 2-3 days and 80% get better within a week. “And he says there are some real downsides to using antibiotics when they're not necessary: They can cause upset stomachs, allergic reactions and other problems. And they can contribute to the development of superbugs — infections that are getting harder and harder to cure.

The bacteria that do survive the antibiotic get tough, and next time you get an ear infection or any other type of infection, they're harder to manage," Rosenfeld says.

I am so happy to feature guest blogger, Amy Hafner’s blog on ear infections. We have used garlic oil many, many times in our house for ear infections & I know how common ear infections are with little ones! I wish I knew about it with our first child, and hope you don’t have to say the same thing after finding out there is something natural we can do to help our little one's if they come down with an ear infection.

Guest Blogger: Organic Amy


Ear infections, they seem to be as common as apps for your phones these days. According to the CDC, many ear infections can clear up on there own without antibiotics.  CDC

Personally, I have three boys and not one ear infection.  Now have they probably had fluid on their ear?  Of course, but this product is a must have in your Holistic medicine cabinet. 

-Mullein Garlic Oil is excellent for treating ear aches and ear infections.-

Mullein Garlic Oil is an herbal oil, created by infusing mullein flowers and garlic in a base oil. Both garlic and mullein are antimicrobial and mullein is particularly soothing to the ears.

These drops are not safe if your child has tubes in their ears, or has any fluid discharge. You can absolutely make your own drops, but I'm a "lazy organic" so Amazon Prime is my best friend, although, Whole Food's, or your local natural food market will probably have them.


Directions for use:

• Warm the bottle by rolling back and forth in your hands or running under warm water (cold drops may make your child feel dizzy)
• Put 3-4 drops in the painful ear(s) 3-4x/day
• You can have your child lay down with that ear up for a minute or so, or put a little piece of cotton in that ear to keep the drops in
• Repeat 3-4x/day and as needed for pain